The “new” axis of evil: China, Russia and Saudi Arabia– is here. They are strategically aligned and actively at war with USA.

China steals our intellectual property, manipulate their currency and are part of the “new” axis of evil. The Chinese can not be trusted. They are at war with us.

President Donald Trump is in a war. You have six years left, sir; Book of Matthews; Chpt 22, “Many are called, but few are chosen” You have been “chosen” President Donlad J. Trump to fight this war. You “are” the 45th President of the United States of America. “45th” that is you, sir. Many are called, but few are “chosen”. America has chosen it’s leader.

Keep fighting this war President Trump.

Russia. How do we fight Russia? Break up the tech “monopolies” This helps Putin. Putin’s assault on our democratic elections started around 2014. He hasn’t stopped. Putin is a trained KGB assassin. Putin can not be trusted!

Saudi Arabia attacked us on 9-11. Army of Allah is Saudi Arabia’s offspring, it’s 100% Saudi DNA.  They are here in USA. We need to find them and send them back to their country. Continue protecting Americans from foreign terrorists President Trump.

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